Thursday, June 27, 2013

What I learned about iPadography (not iPhoneography) during the ISTE 13 Photo Walk

During the ISTE 2013 Photo Walk in San Antonio, TX we met Carlos Austin. He is a professional photographer from Austin, TX who drove to San Antonio just to participate in the photo walk.

After our walk from the convention center to the Alamo, the 172+ participants started breaking into smaller groups to continue their photo walk. Carlos approached Larry Anderson and myself and offered to guide us around the Alamo grounds and Riverwalk, showing us photo opportunities we would never have found on our own.

I can't express enough how much Carlos added to our photography experience. He is a natural teacher, and actually teaches an extension photography course through the university in Austin.

Carlos helping Tony, just as he helped all of us during the day.

I have not learned so much about photography in a short time since spending three days learning about photography from Vincent Laforet in 2007 at an Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Monterey Bay, CA. Carlos would watch us make a photo, and then kindly suggest that we try again from a different angle, framing it differently, work with the lighting and shadows, try different exposure settings, etc. I have several before and after photos - before Carlos' suggestions and after his suggestions - that I will use in future workshops. For one photo Carlos had me try it at least six times until I got it right :-)

Here is the photo that I made multiple times before this final image.

Here Carlos is helping Larry with the same photo, and using a reflector to fill in light in the dark areas.

I had first composed this photo cutting out the tree on the left. 
Carlos pointed out how it helped frame the photo.

Here I had originally made the photo without the boat. 
Carlos suggested I wait for one to come by and capture it as it just went under the bridge. 
He explained how the lines in the photo would draw your attention to it.

Even though Carlos came all the way from Austin for the photo walk, all he brought with him was an iPad and tripod. I had not considered the iPad as a serious camera since the iPhone has a better lens and is always with me. In fact, there is a new branch of photography people refer to as iPhoneography but is now considered to be photography from any smart phone. Carlos prefers the iPad as he used some Apps I had never heard of that provide adjustment tools that require the larger screen.

Carlos also uses a tripod, and usually sets a timer to make the photo so that he isn't getting the photo out of focus by moving the screen. This "trick" also allows him to get into the photo himself, such as the photo he made of our group at lunch. It also allows him to extend the iPad to make photos up to ten feet in the air or out over obstacles such as water.

Here Carlos uses the tripod to hold the iPad out across the water to 
make a photo of a mother duck and her ducklings.

Here Carlos used the tripod to hold the iPad up closer to the butterflies to make this photo.
He set the timer so he had time to hold the iPad up and arrange it where he wanted it.

This is the iPad holder he used to attache it to his tripod.

Some of the Apps Carlos used extensively are PureShot, Hipstamatic, Snapseed, Crop Suez, iwatermark, pixlr express +, PS Touch, Flickstackr, Awesome camera, icolorama, distressedfx, over (text app), mpro, fotor, lensflare, lenslight

I have been doing iPhoneography workshops for some time, and have collected around 60 Apps I recommend. Only about ten of them are Apps that Carlos uses.

Here are the Apps Carlos had on his iPad, with prices where I could find them and a link to the App in the iTunes Store. They are grouped in the same way Carlos had them organized in his folders.

PureShot ($1.99) -
Hipstamatic ($1.99 - iPhone) -
Hipstamatic Oggl (Free - iPhone) -
Snapseed (Free) -
Crop Suey HD ($1.99) -
Pixlr Express PLUS (Free) -
iWatermark (Free, the $1.99 version removes their watermark) -
A Clear Watermark ($1.99, embossed watermark) -
HelloCamera ($1.99) match filters -
PS Touch - Adobe Photoshop Touch ($9.99) -
FlickStackr for Flickr ($1.99) -
Camera Awesome -
iColorama -
Distressed FX ($0.99) -
Over ($1.99) -
MPro ($1.99) -
Fotor™ ($2.99) -
LensFlare ($1.99) -
LensLight ($1.99) -

iPhoto -
Pixlr-o-matic (Free, also a $0.99 version) -
Photo fx Ultra ($4.99) -
Adobe Photoshop Express (Free) -
Laminar Pro - Image Editor ($0.99) -
Perfectly Clear ($2.99) – Photo Correction (Automatic) -
Filterstorm -
Filterstorm Pro is $14.99 and is for the iPhone
Jazz! ($0.99) - Edit photos with powerful filters, effects, unlimited vintage  -
TouchRetouch HD ($0.99) -
Process ($14.99) -
Image Blender ($1.99) -
Gridditor ($1.99) -
PhotoTangler Collage Maker HD -
Geló ($0.99) -

Handy Photo® ($1.99) -
PhotoMagic HD ($1.99) -
PuddingCamera (Free) -
Color Lake ($1.99) -
Momentsia (Free) -
PicsArt Photo Studio (Free) -
PicShop HD - Photo Editor -
FX Photo Studio: pro effects  -
PhotoWizard-HD Photo Editor ($2.99) -
SubtleColor ($0.99) -

Glaze (Free) -
Tangled FX ($1.99) -
Art Set -
Repix Inspiring Photo Editor (Free) -
AutoPainter HD ($0.99) -
Painteresque ($1.99) -
PhotoViva ($5.99) -
PhotoArtistaHD ($1.99) -
Etchings ($0.99) -
Aquarella HD ($2.99) -
Flowpaper ($0.99) -
My Brushes Pro ($2.99) -
MyBrushes (Free) -
Sketch, Paint, Playback on Unlimited Size Canvas
Mobile Monet HD ($1.99)- Photo Sketch and Paint Effects -
ArtRage -
Procreate ($4.99) – Sketch, paint, create. -
Moku Hanga HD ($2.99) -
ArtStudio ($4.99) - draw, paint and edit photo -
Deco Sketch -

An app for an iPhoneography community
Mobitog Community (Free) -

For keeping up with the latest news on mobile device

Not essential for photography, but for planning
Radar Cast Pro ($1.99) to check the weather -
LightTrac ($4.99) -
to see where the light (sun, moon) will be coming from

A portable light source Carlos had with: CN-160 video light

Austin Photography
Carlos Austin
Austin Tx 78748


  1. Cool. I wish I had hung around longer.

  2. Thanks so much for this Craig - I think! My phone and iPad are overflowing with photography apps, but now I have a whole new list to explore!

  3. What app did he use specifically to set the timer?

    1. PureShot. He used that for just about every photo he made.

  4. This is fabulous information that I feel sure will help many photographers in the future.

    Maybe we should consider leading a Photo Safari in which the only camera allowed will be the iPad.

    Carlos used the iPad3. Perhaps, that made a difference.

  5. I love this!! Thanks so much for sharing. How cool! Wish I would have had time to join you. Maybe next time. ;-)


  6. Thank you very much...I feel so honored.

  7. Great post, Craig. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us who couldn't be at ISTE!

  8. Great post and much appreciated information!! Can't wait to try some of these new apps!

  9. Very interesting. Had I been able to participate I would have asked Carlos a few questions. Clearly you need an iPad with lots of memory to house all of those apps and the photos you are making with it. I have also found the iPad to be a bit cumbersome for photowalking, but Carlos clearly worked that. Which iPad was he using?

    1. Hi K.
      I have the ipad3 - 32GB.
      More or less have about 225 apps.
      I clear my images off the iPad before the walk on to my desktop computer using Adobe Lightroom 4. Also purge the individual apps by deleting them, then reinstalling. I photograph any where from 200 to 600 images per walk. This walk more or less 400 images were captured. On that day I ran the battery down to 5%. I do have an extra external battery which will keep the battery going a few more hours. Hope this helps.

    2. Carlos

      Thanks for generously sharing your workflow strategies. Wish I could have participated in the walk and learned on the fly. I'd like to give you major kudos for taking photography and creativity to another level with the iPad. Have you considered using Photosmith on the iPad in order to wireless increase your Lightroom Workflow efficiency?

    3. You are welcome Ken.
      Yes..I have considered using Photosmith. I have not bought it yet. It's on my list. I know that their older version was not working and they were going to fix the bugs. Apparently they have a new version out now. Looks good. The price is $20 bucks.
      Have you used it?
      That said, Apple is coming out with iOS 7 which will organize your images into groups according to the dates the images were captured. That might be a good 2nd option.
      One of the toughest things I have had with the ipad is to be able to edit the bad images from the good ones. The thumbnails are rather small for my eyes...and you can not sort and rate images other than with Photosmith and PhotosInfoPro. I have PhotosInfoPro, but it does not work for me. So I delete the obvious images in camera roll and download the rest to Lightroom. I back these up on two separate hard drives...and no cloud. =c=

  10. Fantastic article Craig and a very interesting day you must have had! Carlos is a well respected and committed member of our Mobile Photography family @ and if any of your team or readers want to see more of Carlos' work and approach to this new art form you will all be very welcome to join the MobiFamily.

    1. Best place for help in Mobile Photography. Great group of artist and developers. And it's FREE. Join up.