Tuesday, September 28, 2004

2004 NDATL Face to Face in Minot

The 4th annual NDATL F2F was held in Minot Sept 27&28. Over 130 technology leaders from school districts across the state attended the one and one-half day event.

As far as we are concerned, it was a successful conference and we are already planning for next year.

I tend to get the credit for hosting the event, but it is the entire* staff that really pulls this off. They are Brian Rossow (network genius), Mike Eslinger, Trent Hall, Dustin Bergrude, Kim Hunter, Andy Schafer, Jim Ahmann (food coordinator), Jennifer Kraft (slide show), KarinYancey, Sally Jenkins, Wendy Altendorf, Julie Jaeger, Phyllis Seier and Laua Untz.

(*Some of these people are part of our technology staff in spirit, such as the gifted and talented staff.)

Chris Webb needs special recognition for the work he did in helping get this conference organized, especially putting the agenda and web information together. Another special thanks to Karen Kuhnhenn who keeps us all on track and makes sure all the little details get taken care of.

The main door prizes were won by:

Karen Black, Ely Elementary Rugby, who won the iPaq donated by Connecting Point.

Kristi Serumgard, Lake Region Spec Ed won the MP3 Player donated by DakTech of Fargo

Gary Simons, Wing Public Schools won the bag of software donated by CCV Software.

Pat Holland, Linton won the $800 building site license for mPOWER 5.

The contact information for all of our sponsors will be posted on theNDATL web site.

More information can be found at the North Dakota Association of Technology Leaders web site at http://www.ndatl.k12.nd.us/

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