Saturday, June 19, 2004

A web tool to plot locations on a map

This comes from Andy Carvin’s Blog.

WorldKit generates a Macromedia Flash map of the world, and allows you to mark the map with text and images, plotted at a particular latitude and longitude.

Each time you plot something on the map, you can hyperlink it to a web page as well. It’s a fairly simple tool, though you need to be able to look up the latitude and longitude of places you want to plot on the map. But apart from that, it’s just a matter of editing the XML code of an RSS feed, filling it in with descriptions of each place you want to plot on the map.

It’s easier than it sounds. If you look at Andy’s feed at you can probably figure out how to edit new map plots, even if you just know basic html.

And this comes from M Guy Durrant, Technology Director at Daggett SD in Manila, UT.
IndyJunior is a similar “where am I” Flash tool, which can be found at
It uses a configuration page so all you need are long/lat coordinates.

To see an example of it in use, check out Bernie Dodge’s web page at

M Guy Durrant
Technology Director
Daggett SD
Manila, UT 84046

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