Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Car 54 Where Are You?

Google has just announce a new map resource – Google Maps. It can be found on their “technology playground” page where they have project prototypes that are not quite ready for “prime time.”

At first glance it seems to be easier to use than MapQuestMapBlastand Yahoo! Maps.
It seems to be much easier to navigate, allowing you to drag the map with your mouse or navigate by clicking on the arrows or zoom control.

They do have the maps tied into business locations, but since they are providing this for free, they have to make money somewhere :-)
f you only think that Google is a search engine, click on their “more>>” link to get to their Google Services page. There you will find other resources such as Blogger.comPicassa Photo Organizer(Windows only), and Keyhole (provides 3D images of our planet).

BTW – in case you are not familiar with “Car 54 Where Are You?” it was a TV show back in the 60’s

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