Sunday, February 19, 2006

Preparing for the industrial age

I am sure that you have heard the following quotes. These are often used in presentations to make the point that many educators are not using technology to improve their instruction or the learning that takes place in their classroom.

“We need to educate our children for their future, not our past.”
A.C. Clark

It is easier to change the location of a cemetery than to change the curriculum.
Woodrow Wilson

Be concerned about the future
You’ll spend the rest of your life there!

Too many teachers teach the way they were taught.

We live in an technology age using an agricultural calendar and an education model from the industrial age.

David Warlick just added a new quote to this list of classics. This is a quote that I wish a lot of educational leaders and those who create laws like “No Child Left Behind” would take time to think about.

No generation in history has ever been so thoroughly prepared for the industrial age.

Thanks to Will Richardson for pointing out this quote in his blog. I had read David’s post, but got hung up in the numbers that he was throwing out and missed the quote at the end.

BTW – I have many more quotes dealing with technology and education on my personal web site. And you will find David’s quote there by tomorrow, at the top of the list!

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