Sunday, December 5, 2004

Video resources for the classroom

One of this weeks top stories on the eSchool News web site is aboutroyalty-free videos available to schools through Discovery Education’s united streaming. This is a great resource, allowing teachers to access educational videos “on demand.”

I have been in education long enough to remember ordering science films from our “state film library” each spring and making lesson plans based on when they would arive in the mail. The films arrived on 16mm film reals and had to be returned within a few days of arrival.
Now, using unitedstreaming, a teacher could bring up a video clip dealing with earthquakes, volcanos or rainforests within minutes of a “teachable moment.”

In case you are not aware of this, one school in each “non-participating” public school district can obtain a free subscription to unitedstreaming. A 30 day free trial is also available to any teacher who wants to check it out.

We obtained the free subscription for one of our middle schools and since then have expanded this to four elementary schools. My hope is to get all our schools using this resource.

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