Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tips on Following or Reviewing Twitter Chats

Last night's (Wednesday, February 4th, 2015) North Dakota Ed Chat (#ndedchat) topic was SAMR and technology integration. Each of the links below pulls out the tweets associated with each question.

Having these links ready before the start of a Twitter Chat could help in chats where the Twitter stream is flowing too fast to really follow.

Note: In a week these links will be pulling Tweets from the latest Twitter Chat, so these links will no longer be showing the Tweets from this week's chat at the top of the list.

Tweets about #ndedchat AND (Q1 OR A1)
Tweets about #ndedchat AND (Q3 OR A3)

This finds some of the information about SAMR that wasn't part of the questions and answers

These links were created using the Advanced Search option in
You can get there by going to and clicking on "Advanced Search" or by going to

You can also get there by doing a search in Twitter and then selecting Advanced Search from the left hand column.

However you get to Advanced Search, you can enter your search terms. 

Once you see how they are constructed, you can enter them directly into the search box if you prefer.

Ex: #ndedchat Q1 OR A1 lang:en

Once you have executed a search you have the option to save the search, or to get the embed code which can be added to a web site or blog (like I have done here after I modified the code)

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