Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Favorite Podcasts

I responded to a post on a listserv, and thought it was worthwhile posting to my blog.
> What are your favorite podcasts?
> Techie:
> Specifically Mac:
> Specifically Windows:
> Just for Fun:
> Anything Else:
> All opinions are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

I did a presentation this fall on Podcasting at the Great Plains Technology Conference in Fargo. The online handout, with educational, technology and personal interest podcasts can be found at:

I try to keep it current so that I can use it in the future.

I recently co-authored, with Camilla Gagliolo, the first of what we hope to be an ongoing series in the ISTE Learning and Leading with Technology magazine (Dec/Jan 07/08 issue). This article is titled “Get CNN Student News via Video Podcast.” One of the interesting things about this article is that Camilla and I had never met face to face until the article was almost complete. Everything was done online using some e-mail but mostly a wiki where we could both make comments, additions and changes. We did meet face-to-face for the first time at NECC in Atlanta, and again at the Apple ADE Institute in Monterey, CA. We are both ADEs, class of 2007, and first connected through a listserv because of a common interest in the use of podcasts in the classroom. We continue to collaborate on future articles, but it has been six months since we completed the first one and don’t have another one ready yet – just not enough time.

My current favorites that I listen to whenever they post a new episode are This Week in Tech, Mac OS Ken, The Tech Chick Tips (two teachers in Texas), net@nite and Webnation (with Amber MacArthur), KidCast – Learning and Teaching with Podcasting, Connected Learning with David Warlick, and The Savvy Technologist (a tech coordinator from Minnesota). Even if some of these (like Kidcast, Savvy Technologist and Connected Learning) haven’t been posting new episodes lately, their previous podcasts are very useful.

If you haven’t tried the Power Search in the iTunes store (the link is in the upper right hand corner of the page), give it a try. You can limit the search to just Podcasts, and can even narrow it down more to title, author, description and category.

One other great resource to check out is Conference Connections. This is an area, produced by a group of Apple Distinguished Educators, that interview many of the keynote presenters and other well know educational technologist at major conferences like NECC.

And whenever you find a good podcast, alway check the box at the right hand side of their podcast page that lists podcasts that other listeners also subscribe to.

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