Wednesday, January 9, 2008

iWork Apps – Pages, Keynote, Numbers

I feel very fortunate and exited to be one of a small group of educators invited to meet with the Apple iWork development team next week during MacWorld.

Our district has been very dependent on AppleWorks as our standard suite, including purchasing and running it on Windows computers. I hope that iWork eventually improves upon AppleWorks as a valuable tool and resource for K-12 schools.

I would like to know from those of you who use or have used AppleWorks and/or are using iWork
1. What features in AppleWorks you want to see in iWork.

Ex: A simple, student friendly database

clip art
paint program
all the draw capabilities found in AW
Cross platform
Label printing

2. What features would you like to see in iWork that are not found in AppleWorks?

3. What other functionality are you looking for in iWork applications?

4. What things have you found in iWork that you are impressed with?

You can respond to me off at craig1 at

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